Outdoor Snowmelt Systems / Controllers

Outdoor Snowmelt Systems and Controllers

Switched On Radiant

Cable and Mat Systems

  • Heating Cable.
  • 50 Watts per sq ft element output
  • 120 / 240 / 208 / 277 VAC
  • 25-Year Repair Warranty
  • The cost will depend on the coverage required.
  • Cable Spacing 3” (Could change to 4”) pending on installation geo-location.

Concrete Surface

Our outdoor heating systems offer effective snowmelt solutions for driveways, walkways, outdoor staircases, patios, and roads.

We believe it is crucial to have our team of professional radiant engineers install these systems to ensure functionality and trouble-free operation for years to come.

For single-pour application, the element is installed and secured with zip ties on top of the wire mesh supplied and installed by the concrete contractor onsite.

A minimum of 5” – 6” concrete pour is required for installation of radiant snowmelt element of which the element is then raised during the pour to a height of 3” ensuring a maximum of 3” for the top and bottom of the pour.

A bi-directional grid is used for retrofitting concrete surfaces like concrete staircases, and walkways for blue stone surface applications.

Asphalt Surface

The surface preparation and binder coat should be installed by the asphalt contractor, once the skim layer is applied the snowmelt element is installed directly on top of this surface.

An additional first 3” asphalt layer is then applied onto the snowmelt element whereafter a second 3” layer is applied resulting in a 6” layer from the base to finish.

This will ensure the snowmelt element is then sandwiched at 3” depth complying with UL requirements.


The installation requires a wire mesh to be installed on top of the compacted base for stability. The snowmelt element is then zip-tied to the wire mesh to ensure the cable doesn’t move during the sand and paver brick installation.

Maximum paver brick or bluestone thickness should not exceed 2.5”. The maximum sand or cement application should not exceed 1” – 1.5” to ensure element durability and effectiveness.

Snow Melting Systems

At Switched on Radiant our outdoor snowmelt systems will ensure a hassle-free winter experience. Gone are the days of snowplowing or shoveling your walkway or driveway.

We offer both cable and matt constant wattage solutions for Asphalt, Concrete, Bluestone and Pavers.

Our range of outdoor controls offer the best technology at your fingertips. From snow accumulation sensors to Wifi programmable, weather app enabled systems. 

Bluestone, Concrete, Asphalt or Pavers

Our snowmelt systems are designed to suite your installation requirements.
Both system types cables & mats will deliver 50 watt per sq ft / 12 watt per lineal ft output at 3” cable spacing pending on project geographic location.

Cut & Turn Mats

  • 50 Watts per Sq Ft
  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Voltage 120 / 240V

Cable System

  • 50 Watts per Sq Ft
  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Voltage 120 / 240V

Outdoor radiant heating systems are designed for clearing snow and ice buildup on driveways, walkways, outdoor staircases, and patios. Our roof and gutter systems will ensure no ice damming of your roof or in the gutter or downpipes resulting in damage to the roof and internal structure of the home.

Snow Melt Outdoor Controls

  • Automatic snow/ice melting control
  •  Operates electrically- and mechanically held contactors
  •  Energy management computer (EMC) interface
  •  Accommodates MI, constant wattage and self-limiting heaters
  • Multiple sensor capability
  • Heater hold-on and test capability
  • C-UL-US
  • Simple to install and operate
  •  Low energy costs
  •  Minimum energy costs


This is for the SIT-6E sensor only. Part #23832 is for the housing unit and must be ordered separately.

  • Control based upon pavement conditions .
  • Rugged construction
  • Simple installation
  •  Low voltage operation
  • Reliable snow melting 
  • Minimum energy cost
  • Long trouble-free life


  • Automatic snow sensor for reduced energy consumption
  •  Senses both temperature and precipitation
  • Application flexibility
  •  Slim design, mounts on 3/4″ PVC conduit for easy install
  •  Operates on safe low voltage power
  • Convenient self-test to verify proper sensor operation
  •  Made with UV-tolerant and corrosion resistant materials
  • Automatic snow/ice melting control minimizes operating costs
  • Rated for up to 30A resistive loads
  • Integral 30mA of Ground Fault Equipment Protection (GFEP)
  •  Weather-resistant NEMA 4X enclosure
  •  Dual sensor capability to meet site performance requirements
  •  Adjustable Hold-On timer continues heater operation after snow and ice stop to ensure complete melting
  •  C-UL-US Listed for Temperature Regulating Equipment
  •  Automatic and manual-override operator controls for changing environmental conditions
  •  Optional remote control operation for added convenience
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